Higher Education Marketing

How do you convince the best students that your university is the right choice for them? 


Videos can play a crucial role in this process. Placed on your website and youtube channel not only they convey the factual advantages of your study programmes, but also give vivid impressions of your campus, the learning environment and student life.


Videos are even more important when it comes to interaction with international students: Many of them initially have no precise idea of what to expect in their academic work and in everyday life at a foreign university.

Together with you, we create informative and appealing videos that showcase your University, attract the right students, offer them first orientation and help with administrative procedures, which often are not very straight forward to those coming from another educational system.


As a result, students feel that they are taken care of right from the start and your staff can concentrate on other fields of work that require their attention . A clear win-win situation for everyone involved.


We look back on ten years of experience in university marketing in Germany and abroad. We know the most important target groups, the language they speak, decision factors and the channels through which they like to communicate. Our portfolio includes recruiting and research videos, video testimonials, event videos and animations.


What we also know is that in the busy environment of a University, there is often no time for anything that goes beyond the daily business.This is why we are happy to develop a marketing strategy for you, thus ensuring that your videos reach your target group and take your University to the next level.


Contact us, describe the goals that you are hoping to achieve  and let us find the best video tools to achieve them.

Research about the SDGs - Film Series for the University of Göttingen, Germany

6 Dialogue-And-Discussion-films for the target groups 14-16 and 18-23 years of age 


On behalf of the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) and the University of Göttingen, we are currently producing a series of 6 Dialogue-And-Discussion-films that will introduce young people to the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and the ideas of sustainable research. Our core questions:


How can the world's soy problem be solved? How can chicken production be sustainable?

How can we make fish farming more efficient and sustainable and thus solve the problem of overfishing?

Where do our tomatoes actually come from? Can production become more regional?


Mathilda (13) and Johann (22) lead through the films and convey the Sustainable Development Goals in an understandable and exciting way.